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7 Signs You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

by Peter
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Are you struggling to decide whether you really need to hire a child custody lawyer? For representing yourself in court, a lawyer is required. An experienced lawyer can help you get the child custody more peacefully.

Here are 7 points, when you really should think twice about heading into the courtroom without hiring an experienced child custody lawyer.

1- Your Ex Has a Lawyer

If you already know your ex is working with a private child custody lawyer, then it’s time to consider hiring more experienced child custody lawyer. If money is an issue, look for free legal assistance in your area.

I am sure you don’t want to lose the case because your ex hired a lawyer and you did not.

2- Your Case Has Become More Complicated

Sometimes you start with a pretty easy case that becomes increasingly complex as you go along. For example, your ex has changed her mind about sharing custody, or other party is trying to convince the court that you’re unable to give the child all the things he/she may require. These complexities would indicate that it’s time to hire a child custody lawyer.

3- If you and your ex live in different states

If you and your ex belong to different states or even other countries, you should consider hiring a lawyer to represent you. You can not solely deal with child custody laws, especially if international laws are also involved in it. If you think you can represent your case in the court against a lawyer who is more knowledgeable than you, then you will be most likely to lose the case.

4- You Believe Your Children Are in Danger

The costs of losing your child custody case are just too high when you think your kids’ safety is in danger. Also, any time you think your children are in direct threat, you should call the police. In this type of circumstance, you should also consider getting a restrictive order, as well. If you are worried about potential effects, share your concerns with your lawyer. This is a situation that always requires qualified legal counselor.

5- Your Ex Is Not Let You See Your Kids

If your ex is trying to limit your contact with the children, refusing visits, or cancelling at the last minute, then you should consider hiring a lawyer to represent you. These types of behaviors could intimate that you’ll need a well-skilled, experienced lawyer by your side in court. This also indicates that your child may be in danger. It’s good to hire a lawyer as soon as possible and let him handle your case more impact fully.

6- The Court Requires You to Participate in Treatment or Take Classes

If the court requires you to take parenting classes or anger management classes or register in drug or alcohol treatment. Then you are already not in a good position in the court’s eyes. In this situation, it’s best to hire a lawyer to represent your case. If all parents participate in parenting or anger management classes as a standard part of any child custody proceeding, then you may put your point more clearly. Otherwise, it would be hard to get child custody. While not common, some jurisdictions do require some parental education for all child custody cases.

7- The conditions of Your Case Have Changed Significantly

If you are relocating and remarrying, then you may need to hire a lawyer. In this situation, you need to justify why you are leaving the state and how relocation is beneficial for child future. If you are marrying someone else, you need to modify your child custody agreement, and for that, you need an experienced lawyer.

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