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Criminal Attorney: What do they do?

by Peter
Criminal attorney

Criminal attorneys are more well known as criminal defense lawyers; they specialize in defending individuals or organizations or, in some cases, entities who have been charged with one or multiple criminal cases. Lawyers can handle several different criminal cases, from sex crime to domestic violence crime and from drug crimes to DUIs, embezzlement, theft, fraud; we can handle any type of existing criminal charge in your state. 

A criminal attorney or defense lawyer serves to fulfill multiple vital tasks that needed to be done during the course of the case. The hired or appointed criminal lawyer is responsible for defending the alligated individual or organization against the charges slapped on them. He or she becomes the representative of the defendant for the entire course of the case. 

Tasks that a criminal attorney is responsible for building a case to defend the client.

  • Interact with the client

After being hired as a lawyer to defend the case or being assigned with the case as a public defender, the primary thing that an attorney should do is to find an opportunity to get personally acquainted with the defendant. During the interaction with the client, the attorney should try to find out as many details as possible about the case. 

A good defense lawyer should question thoroughly and intensely to get more specific details about the case. This will help the attorney figure out the weaknesses and strengths of the case. 

  • Go deep into the case

Questioning the defendant is never enough without learning the details of the case by research. This includes gathering information and evidence relevant to the case from the police and studying them. 

The appointed criminal lawyer is also responsible for meeting and interviewing any possible witnesses or anyone else involved or related to the case. 

Criminal defense lawyers can also demand to review the prosecutor’s case before it is submitted to the judge or jury. This might help the attorney to find out if the prosecutor’s case has any hole or evidence that could be used in favor of the client.

  • Find and analyze as much evidence as possible.

Analyzing the gathered evidence is a very vital task. A criminal defense lawyer can also request to appoint independent labs or field experts to solidify the evidence presented. 

  • Set up relationships with the client

Just interacting with the client and knowing about the case’s details is not where the relationship between a client and attorney ends. Criminal defenders are also required to keep their clients updated about all the proceedings of the case. They should be able to guide the client through every step of the proceedings. 

  • The confidentiality client-attorney

The most primary duty that any attorney has is to maintain the confidentiality of any interaction between the attorney and the client. 

  • Jury selection

Jury selection also comes under the many responsibilities of a criminal lawyer. They can wish to dismiss any jury member that they suspect to be biased or simply not in favor of the defendant.

  • Bargain for plea

A criminal attorney is also responsible for handling plea bargaining and negotiating terms on behalf of the client. 


Being charged with a criminal case is a very big deal and should be handled responsibly. If you are in any such situation, you should hire a defense attorney to fight for you in court or consult an attorney for advice.

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