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Law Firm Websites: A Complete Guide (2021)

by Peter
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Having a Law Firm Website is very important in today’s world. The legal industry is much more online nowadays than ever before. The website must be built keeping the industry in mind. People often visit law firm websites for seeking help or to find an answer to their questions. People see and learn new things on the web. This should be used as the firm’s marketing strategy, and the website should be according to that.

A lawyer works hard in fighting for the clients, but how do they increase the number of clients? This is with the help of an effective marketing strategy. Even the reference process requires a website link nowadays or a brand name on google. The website must be robust and must include positive reviews from previous clients and testimonials to convert the potential clients into confirmed ones.

Here are some points listed below to make a complete law firm website:

    1. The website must have a proper name and logo. Brand creation is essential. People get attracted to the title. The website’s colour combination must be up to the mark and must touch the client’s heart. The website’s front end should be subtle yet worth remembering so that people revisit the website for any queries.
    2. The website must contain the contact info of the firm, and the clients must find it easily. It should not be on the last page; instead, it should appear on the website’s navigation menu. People should also be able to schedule an appointment with the lawyers for any help.
    3. Proper usage of keywords must be done. The words which people search often must be included in the articles of the website. This helps in making the websites appear higher on searches. A good amount of FAQs should be added to the website to solve people’s doubts.
    4. Proper search engine optimization techniques must be used to appear higher on searches. Using appropriate researched keywords, acceptable content, correct links helps make the website appear on the top of the search engine. Moreover, related pages must be pasted on appropriate phrases rather than words like “click here”. Many firms provide SEO services.

The content remains the most critical aspect of the website. People will read the content of the website and make their decision. Even google rewards websites with more extended ranges. The articles must not be hard to read, and people should understand them easily. It should serve a potential client’s needs of what he is looking for. 


People make their opinion of the law firm by the appearance of the website. If the website has a good UX design, it is likely to make a good impression on the client. The website must not be slow, as people would not waste their time on the website, which takes a long buffering time. Clean and eye-catching graphics is what a law firm website needs. Lawyers and attorneys need to have a website for the proper growth of their business.

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