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SEO Blogging Ideas for Lawyers to Generate More Traffic

by Nitin
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Blogging plays an essential role in your company’s online marketing efforts. Lawyers who know how to use blogging efficiently can generate enormous traffic results to their website.

In this article, we will discover some blogging ideas that will help you acquire more relevant, organic traffic. You can start implementing these tips immediately to improve your legal content and articles, as well as their search engine optimization.

Use Headings & Subheadings for Engagement

If you use a word-processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you’re probably already familiar with headings. There are several heading sizes, the largest H1 going down to a heading 5 or 6. You should include headings and subheadings to make your blog easy to understand and engaging.

Keywords: Research

You invest time and effort into your blog with the hope or expectation that enough people will find your content, and this will produce leads and clients. It certainly can. However, it needs to be performed correctly. Your time is precious and needs to be used wisely. So, only write content that people are bound to read and derive value from. Always write informative content and cover the answers to all the questions that your clients usually ask.

You can use online tools to find our relevant keywords that can work for your firm. You can also hire seo experts who will help you find industry-leading keywords.

Optimize for Local Searches

Many areas of law and firms are continuing to focus on working in one market or state. In this situation, you’ll want to customize your content, especially for your target market or state that you practice within. Many lawyers prefer this as they want to talk explicitly about what they comprehend best, and usually, that’s limited to their field. This is a good idea and should be shown in your blog articles, especially when your aim is attracting new clients.

Images, Tables, and Graphics

Many digital marketers professionals have shown that posts with the image tend to work better than posts with no images. If you have the time and resources, add at least one featured image in your blog. We see many blogs and articles for lawyer seo perform quite well. Ask your designer to design infographics that help your audience to understand your content in a better way. This helps in boosting engagement with your audience.


When conducting your keyword research and topics to write about, you should look at the other articles’ length on the first page of the search engine results. You should aim to add a minimum of 25% more words to the articles’ average content length competing for that search term.

Content length can be a point of discussion for many lawyers considering content marketing and blogging as a medium of generating more traffic. Many lawyers think the less they write, the more they minimize errors and odds for error in their writing. But this is not going to work anymore. According to the research articles, more than 1800 words are more likely to rank on Google. So, focus on crafting an in-depth blog that consists of all the points related to your topic.

Link to Related Articles

A person involved in writing articles and legal blogging will require knowing when to finish writing one article and starting another. Knowing what is closely related and what is next to the topic at hand is essential.

The process most expert writers use to determine this is simple. Imagine the client asks you the question related to law, and you have answered it as simple as you can so he can understand easily. After answering the initial question, what are the next questions they’re most likely to ask about the same topic? In this way, prepare the series of your articles and publish them timely.

There’s so much you can do to optimize your on-page performance for users and search engines. However, if you practice these methods, they should help make a significant difference. Your rankings, traffic, and overall results from your firm’s blogging, content marketing, and lawyer seo efforts can reach new heights.

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