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Should You Share Every Detail With Your DUI Attorney

by Peter

While hiring a lawyer, we often recommend that we share all the details of our case with our lawyer. But while facing criminal charges like DUI, we often ponder upon the question – should we or should we not hold back some details of the incident? This conflict often arises when you sit down with your lawyer for the first time to discuss your case. Even when you hire lawyers from well-known DUI firms like Weingart, you often face the doubt of confidentiality, trust, and total disclosure. 

In this article, we will briefly outline whether you should disclose every detail to your lawyer and why. 

Should or Should I Not Share Every Detail?

You must share all the details of your incident with your DUI attorney. If you face the doubt of confidentiality and trust, you must know that every lawyer has to protect the personal details of their clients. Also, having all the correct facts and evidence of the case will help your DUI attorney to form a solid case in your favor. It will help them determine the best solution for you and negotiate a better deal on your behalf. 

Let us see in detail why you should be honest and open with your DUI attorney. 

Reasons Why You Should Be Open and Honest with Your DUI Attorney 

  • It will help your DUI attorney to come up with an effective defense strategy. Your DUI attorney has to know the exact facts and details to ensure your defense strategy is not left with mistakes and loopholes. This can make your case vulnerable in court, leading to severe penalties. 
  • Knowing the facts will allow your DUI attorney to use the proper laws to defend you. What might seem unimportant to you might be the key to providing a solid case in your favor. It is the job of a DUI attorney to know all the laws that will help you gain favor.
  • Your DUI attorney will maintain total confidentiality regarding your personal information. If you feel they might share your personal details with their peers, you have nothing to worry about. A DUI attorney is bound to keep your personal details safe and not share them with anyone outside. 
  • Your DUI attorney’s job is to help you out of the situation. But to do so, they need to have all the details of your case.
  • Knowing the facts will help them negotiate better. Your DUI attorney has to have all the details to provide a strong case in your favor and negotiate based on that. 


To conclude, we must say that it is essential to share your case’s facts with your DUI attorney. Not only will it help them to lay down a case in your favor, but it will also help you get out of any unfair charges put against you in court. Thus, based on the list as mentioned earlier, we hope you make the right choice and have open and honest communication with your lawyer. 


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