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4 Steps How You can Take Back Your Child Custody

by Peter

For any parent, losing custody of their children is a heartbreaking scenario. It’s hard to accept that the court thinks your children would be better off in the care of someone else, whether it’s your ex-partner, your parents, or the foster care system. However, if you take well planned steps to get a custody decision you can get the decision of the court overturned. 

Today, we will walk you through some steps that can help you reclaim your child’s custody.

  • Consider What Went Wrong.

Judges have a responsibility to act in the child’s best interests. Consider why the judge decided to give custody to someone else in light of this. Have you disobeyed a court order? Have you been falsely accused of child neglect or abuse? 

It’s critical to put your feelings aside and be open and honest about the circumstances surrounding your custody case. Then, you can start addressing any changes you need to make to potentially reverse the judge’s ruling by examining what circumstances may have led to the judge’s judgment in your case.

  • Consult a lawyer.

You will almost certainly need to engage with a child custody lawyer who has won comparable family law cases to regain custody of your children. Begin your search for a good child custody lawyer by contacting friends and family for recommendations. A lawyer can assist you in completing the necessary motions, which vary by state. 

A lawyer may also be able to advise you on what to document when engaging with your children, as well as whether an updated house inspection or evaluation would be beneficial.

  • Examine the Possibilities

Find out if your child’s custody can restore if you do certain steps. 

Are you compelled to seek therapy, drug or alcohol treatment, or mediation, for example? Making these changes to a custody agreement may be difficult, but they will improve your prospects of regaining custody of your children.

If the court has imposed any conditions on your capacity to reclaim custody, rather than debating whether or not they are valid, go forward and fulfill them. Then, in front of the court, prompt and comprehensive compliance will reflect well on you.

  • Seek for evaluation

Request an in-home child custody evaluation from the judge once you’ve started working with a lawyer and completed whatever measures the court has mandated. This study will provide the courts with a current appraisal of your house, which may aid you in regaining custody. Of course, you also have the option of contesting the hearing. 

The evaluators will observe the parent and kids and other siblings and adults in the home. Your attorney can advise you on what to expect during an in-home exam. Prepare by keeping your home tidy and having your school and medical records on hand. You can create a list of questions to ask the evaluator and write them down. Be truthful and fair.


Custody is a subjective thing. Understandably, losing custody of your children causes anxiety and anguish. However, you’ll be in the best position to care for your children if you work on yourself and your circumstance with the help of a child custody lawyer, therapist, or another support system.


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