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What is “Elder Abuse And Neglect” and what to do when it happens?

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Nowadays, elder abuse and neglect is a serious issue all over the world. Every year many older people are victims of this abuse physically, mentally or financially. Many cases of elder abuse remain undetected due to a lack of knowledge. Elder abuse is a complicated problem, which should be prevented as early as possible. People have a lack of knowledge about elder abuse. A case of elder abuse can lead an older person to early death also. People should know the actual concept of elder abuse, its harms and prevention. You can consult a nursing home lawyer for this case.

What Is Elder Abuse And Neglect?

Elder abuse is a case of physical, mental, financial, or sexual harm to an older person by the individual responsible for care. Elder abuse and neglect can be intentional or unintentional. In most of the cases, it takes place in any residential setting of the older person. However, the abusers can be other family members such as partners, children, and grandchildren. Elder abuse and neglect can also take place in institutional settings such as old age homes.

What Are The Forms Of Elder Abuse And Neglect?

Here, we have discussed the most common types of elder abuse.

  • Physical Elder Abuse: As older adults are physically frail, physical abuses are the most common type of abuse. It includes any intentional use of physical force, which causes injury or pain to the older adult. It can be slapping, beating, shoving, pinching, biting, pushing, burning, etc.
  • Emotional Elder Abuse: The caregiver or the family members treat the older people to cause emotional or mental pain. Emotional abuse includes humiliation, ignoring, isolating from society, threatening, blaming, yelling, etc.
  • Sexual Elder Abuse: Non-consensual sexual contact or sexualized behaviour with the older person is considered sexual elder abuse. It includes the sexual exhibition, rape, forcing the person to watch pornography, touching inappropriately, etc. Sexual elder abuse is the least reported case of elder abuse.
  • Financial Elder Abuse: The unauthorized use of an older person’s property and funds is called financial elder abuse. It includes using the person’s funds without consent, misusing cards and checks, stealing cash, checks, and personal belongings, forging the older adult’s signature, transferring property forcefully, converting power of attorney without consent, etc.

How To Solve The Issue Of Elder Abuse And Neglect?

The issue of elder abuse and neglect should be prevented early, and the victims should get justice against this. To prevent elder abuse, education is the cornerstone. Public display of elder abuses in the house or nursing homes, or any other residential settings can bring changes. Social contact and support can also save an older person from abuse. If an older adult becomes a victim of elder abuse, it should be reported, and the guilty person must be punished. A nursing home lawyer can help in this case.


Most of the cases of elder abuse and neglect are not reported and undetected. The issues of elder abuse should be recognized correctly, and the victim should be protected. In cases of elder abuse, you should consult a professional nursing home lawyer to get justice.


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